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Youth BJJ

Junior Berserkurs

Our youth BJJ program is a great option for parents seeking a physical outlet for their children as well as children involved in other sports looking to fill the gaps between seasons. We believe that sports help teach kids good habits that they will carry with them into adulthood. Jiu-jitsu is a great tool for your child to learn core values like hard work, responsibility, accountability, good health & hygiene, humility, confidence, and respect. Kids are kids, so our number one goal is to make every class experience fun!


Junior Berserkur


The Junior Berserkur program is the foundation for every new student to grow into a confident grappler. The fundamental goal of the Junior Berserkur's curriculum is to instill core values of respect, discipline, hard work, humility, and most importantly, fun! Classes are limited to twice a week (Tuesday/Thursday Gi only) to ensure students step onto the mats with a fresh and focused mind every class. Press the 'Enroll Now' icon below and become part of the team today! *Berserkur uniforms are required for all classes*

Junior Berserkur Plus

Junior Berserkur Plus is an invite-only program offered to students who have attained the experience and focus required to go into full practice in a more competitive environment. Students who earn entry into the Junior Berserkur Plus program will accelerate their jiu-jitsu abilities through more intense drilling and detailed technique/strategy. Membership includes Tuesday/Thursday Gi only and Monday NoGi jiu-jitsu. *Berserkur uniforms are required for all classes*

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